Aimee Deneweth

Color 101 for Every Artist 

2 Hours Presentation (with Q&A) and 1 Hour Demo

September 24, 2016 9am-12pm



Sampler Description
For many artists, color is often the most thrilling and gratifying visual element but it can also be a challenge to master. In this 2-3 hour workshop, we’ll learn about working with color (in a practical way) in our paintings as well as the role that color plays as one of the design elements of art.  


More specifically: 

  • Discover “what’s in your paint tube” (i.e.pigments and their properties)
  • The language of color (terms, opaque vs. transparent, the color wheel, and more)
  • The relationship between color and value
  • Tips for choosing a particular palette including the benefits of a limited palette
  • Simple steps for seeing and mixing more accurate colors 
  • Ways to use color to enrich your painting
  • Gain colorful inspiration from examples of contemporary and master painters
  • Review basic color theories and plans such as complements, analogous colors, etc.
  • Bonus: You’ll also receive a list of exercises you can use to help grown and strengthen your color skills at home